Blue Morpho Butterfly
Gary Caldwell Sculptures, Distinctive Metal Sculpture

      Gary and Giant Butterfly     


Gary Caldwell has crafted distinctive, beautiful art in stainless steel for over 30 years.

He is completely self-taught, with a flair for transforming sheets of stainless steel into fanciful three-dimensional creations. He first researches his subjects for anatomical accuracy. Then, with skilled hands and 6,000 degrees of heat, he bends and shapes flat steel into a lifelike sculptures, and grinds, cuts, and/or welds to create texture on the surface. After this intricate process, he carefully heats the steel with a torch to bring out vibrant colors that include cobalt blue, burnished bronze, and coal black.

The combination of Gary's creativity and the inherent variances in his design process ensures each finished piece of art is original and unique. The beautiful colors are permanent -- little maintenance is required -- so his sculptures are appropriate for display inside a building or out in a garden.



Gary Caldwell Metal Sculpture
2319 White Cross Road
Chapel Hill, NC 27516
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